About Vetware Private Limited:

It is a fact that developing and under-developed countries’ requirements of animal traceability and performance recording are distinct and unique. Vetware has developed the traceability and herd management software based on the concept that data should be captured from animal-side in real time, updated on a cloud server immediately, analysed, and, shared with all the stakeholders in actionable format.

Our -philosophy- reach out to very small to large-hold farmers and assist frontline short-termed trained para-vets to improvise services and bridge the information gap between the para-vets and the veterinarians and veterinarians and the farmer.

Organizational Structure:

A pictorial representation of the organizational structure is given below. There are five directors on the board, each having expertise in respective domains.
A team of software developers, specialized in livestock-related knowledge is on roll. Many specialized module developments is outsourced and the internal team does the job of stitching together of these modules and undertake testing. Rollout of the project is done with the help of the staff of the client who are already working in field with farmers.

Animal Identification and traceability device:

In the year 2015 filed Indian and USA patents on ‘Novel encrypted QR code-based animal identification system’. More than 900,000.

Our Software Platform:


Livestock ERP Software:

Vetware has developed networking software for various species of animals, depicted in the figure above. For each species a separate database on cloud can be maintained and the which can be used by single farmer with few animals, big farms, milk / meat processors and the Government agencies.

Services Offered:

The below figure above illustrates component services offered by Vetware to the livestock industry, the core service being traceability and performance data management so that the organizations can improvise breeding and health and productivity of animals under their care.